The Center for Responsible Travel has conducted research and field studies for a wide range of international development and aid agencies, philanthropic foundations, government agencies, academic institutions, conservation organizations, and tourism businesses. We work with clients of all sizes to identify and meet their needs on matters that range from corporate responsibility to destination stewardship, "green" finance, climate change, strategic planning, Travelers' Philanthropy, indigenous tourism, and much more. We draw on the experience of our own staff and tap into our extensive network of expert consultants working around the globe on a project-by-project basis, to meet the direct needs of each individual project.

Meet the Experts Network

Ximena Alvis Gonzales, M.A.

Dan Berrien, M.A.

Eric Bergstrom

Seema Bhatt, M.Sc.

Amos Bien, M.A.

Michael E. Conroy, Ph.D.

Jorge De Vicente, M.A.

Erika Harms, M.A., J.D.

Yuri Horowitz, M.A.

Carter Hunt, Ph.D.

Judy Karwacki, M.A., M.B.A.

Brian Kastl, M.Sc.

Susan Kennedy, M.A.

Manuel Knight

James MacGregor

CREST Associate, Africa

Robin Mason, M.A.

David Michelmore, M.Phil.

Fred Nelson, M.Sc.

Megan O'Donnell, M.A.

Dr. Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP

Margie Peters-Fawcett

Kimberly Player

Abigail Rome, M.Sc.

Mark Spalding, J.D.

Amanda Stronza, Ph.D.

Emmanuel Sulle, M.A.

Sandra Tassel

Erick Vargas, M.Sc.

Jannelle Wilkins, M.A.