June 2017, Viñales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

CREST partnered with the University of Pinar del Rio's Centro de Estudios de Gerencia, Desarrollo Local y Turismo (GEDELTUR) to host a three-day sustainable tourism and marketing workshop as part of the larger 2nd International Congress on Marketing, Local Development and Tourism (MARDELTUR) 2017. CREST identified and supported 10 international experts to participate, supported 8 Cuban speakers, and covered the costs of certain other components. The sustainable tourism workshop featured eight panels with presentations on topics ranging from agritourism, nature-based tourism, and travelers' philanthropy to cruise tourism, urban and cultural tourism, marketing, and quality and sustainability standards.

Presentations (in English and Spanish):

Panel 1: Sustainable Tourism

Panel 2: Agritourism

Panel 3: Nature-based Tourism

Panel 4: Cruise Tourism

Panel 5: Cultural & City Tourism

Panel 6: Tourism & Quality

Panel 8: Tourism & the Environment