Caribbean Green Travel: Your Choices Make a Difference (45 minutes, April 2016)

The newest CREST documentary shows that the Caribbean is more than traditional large resort and cruise tourism. Through the power of the good example, this 45-minute film includes portraits of tourism businesses in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Grenada that are practicing environmental stewardship and generating social and economic benefits for the destinations. Filmed by Jamaican filmmaker Esther Figueroa and edited by Richard Krantz of Pilot Productions, the film will be used, together with the new CREST's new 2-volume publication on climate change and coastal and marine tourism, as part of a public education campaign targeting the Caribbean.

The film premiered with an expert panel at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, DC, on Thursday, April 28. Showings have also taken place in Cuba and Grenada, West Indies.

"This is a must-see for anyone in the development world and the tourism industry," says Elizabeth Becker, author of OVERBOOKED: The Exploding Busines of Travel and Tourism.

Teacher's Study Guide

This free study guide, based on the film, is designed to help teachers at any level who wish to use the film in their classes. It is designed to help teachers and students explore key concepts introduced by the film, including sustainable hospitality management, community development, ecotourism, voluntourism, certification, and so on. This guide follows the film scene-by-scene, with brief synopses followed by discussion questions and ideas for in-class or take-home activities. The guide also includes suggestions for supplemental readings and websites for further exploration. There is also a test bank with questions that can be used for quizzes or exams.

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Spanish version

The Goose with the Golden Eggs: Tourism on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast (34 minutes, 2013)

This educational documentary examines the impacts of large-scale resort and vacation home developments along Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, as well as cruise ship arrivals in the port city of Puntarenas. Through interviews with community members, government and park officials, tourism guides and hoteliers, activists and experts, the film portrays the challenges coastal communities are facing over water, beach access, land ownership, protection of mangroves, and other issues.

It compares the costs and benefits of large-scale resort tourism with models of sustainable coastal tourism in Manuel Antonio and small-scale ecotourism in the Osa Peninsula. This new, updated edition features commentaries by Margarita Penon, Costa Rica's highly respected former first lady and member of parliament, who highlights the choices facing Costa Ricans over whether to pursue high volume or high value tourism, particularly in the Osa Peninsula.

Produced and directed by award-winning filmmakers Charlene Music and Peter Jordan (, this documentary was commissioned by the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) and Fundación Corcovado to further public understanding and discussion around different models of coastal tourism.

To order a copy of the DVD for $15+shipping, contact us. To download a digital copy of the film, click below.

English version

Spanish version

Travelers' Philanthropy: Giving Time, Talent, & Treasure (36 minutes, 2011)

This CREST produced film examines for the first time "Travelers' Philanthropy" – the growing global movement by responsible tourism companies and travelers to support social service, environmental, micro enterprise, and other types of projects in the host communities where tourism takes place.

Directed by Charlene Music and Peter Jordan, two talented young documentary-makers from Stanford University, the film profiles community and conservation projects in Costa Rica, Kenya, and Tanzania that are being supported by tourism companies. The filmmakers talk with community members, travelers, and experts about both the benefits as well as the pit falls of this relatively new form of development assistance.

This documentary was produced by Charlene Music and Peter Jordan for the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST). We are grateful to ProParques in Costa Rica and Basecamp Foundation in Kenya for underwriting the cost of this production.

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